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We are in process of expanding a new media and communication system that showcases small business and home based businesses within a local community. Featuring local community empowerment, individual personal responsibility, self-empowerment and community wide free thinking in balance for the expansion of humanity's freedom of Earthly Citizenship. Physical business locations and 'Info-mation'tm centers within many city's and community's are being planned.  

This includes independent and beneficial empowering lifestyle choices. And the availability and use of; free and perpetual energy technology and resources, new inventions, and self sustaining community provisions as brought to market either by; free trade or other exchange available. Global partnering of specific categories of resources and resource material will be made available as they are provided. If you are interested in participating and/or building your own 'City Center' please let us know how we can help.  


Thank you for helping to expand humanity's healthy playground!!

Donations are used to educate on self empowerment, self awareness, personal responsibility, independence thinking, and to expand knowledge in your local community while retaining diversity within unity.

We accept monetary gifts & contributions as well as gifts of charitable gift annuities, real estate, stocks, bonds and any other tangible assets. Please consult with your own professional finance advisor should you have any questions of proper procedures. We will review any Charitable Remainder Trusts, Gift Annuities, and other arrangements.

Thank You!

please contact us at the address below.

You may use other forms of exchange for donations if you no longer want to use global 'debt notes.' 

Please support our outreach programs on a monthly basis for $10.00 (ten) a month. Your subscription will go towards services for marketing outreach, notification of free/perpetual energy devices, along with balanced technology for distribution to communities for all to use.

Find things in your community where you can volunteer your time, knowledge, skills, or talent that teach and benefit others without enabling them.  Become a leader that creates other leaders, as we already have plenty of followers, but then again, followers are just waiting for the chance to become leaders they just don't realize it yet. 



 To order ebook by mail for barter use address below:

A volunteer gift amount (Seeds [non GMO], MRE's, pearls, jewels, precious metals-gold/silver coins are acceptable, even survival equipment & supplies.  
plus $4.00/per copy- shipping and handling (continental US) can be mailed to:

Just One Black Pearl
23016 Lake Forest Drive #141
Laguna Hills, CA 92653 USA

(There are very few incidents of cash/precious metal coins and items missing by mail, always make sure that it is properly sealed before mailing.)

Thank you for your participation!
* suggested gift amount


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein -

The Simple Truth
Don’t participate in the banking system and you’ll have plenty of money

Don’t listen to the politicians and we’ll all get along fine

Don’t go to the doctor and your body will heal perfectly

Don't eat from the existing food supply and you'll stay young

Don’t go to school and you’ll learn all there is to know

Don’t go to church and you’ll find God everywhere
Christopher B. Thomas - 10-23-2013




A great clue on how to start an abundance hurricane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And keep reminding yourself that this is OUR planet!!!

Thoughts... Logic = Masculine -The Creator, fertilizer
Emotions... feelings = Feminine- the support, nurturing, and guidance of Creation itself
Vesica Pisces- the two shall become a new creation

And another great source for learning and practicing The Law of Attraction, Law of Intention, and the Principle of Allowance is over here at
Jeanette Maw's, 'Good Vibe University.'
You can download a free copy of her ebook
"LOA for the real World" for starters.

And another great source for understanding what it means to
"Raise your Energy".

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