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Kingdom's Compass

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   … long long ago in the midst of a Universe amongst a Milky Way Galaxy planet Earth began. A jewel of a planet life radiated forth. Expressions of brilliance in era’s through eon’s that built abundant treasures over time.

And without limitations, mosaic’s of lifeforms and mandala’s of consciousness reached throughout dimensions and stretched over all the landscape.

Within purity and innocence abundance, prosperity and potential flourished in the Laws of Creation.


In another time… not long ago, distortions of Truth crept into ‘Legends of Old.’ Laws of Creation were lost, and repeating loops of experience without them soon enveloped the generations.

In a short time… life became lived in captivity; a colony unaware.


Throughout this time… Savants of Wisdom had often appeared to show the Way, though mostly rejected, they left clues to the Keys to restore the Laws of Creation. Knowing the bankers of captivity would profit through deceptions, these Keys to Creation were buried. And the way lay dormant amid a lattice with the clues to the Keys of the WAY hidden within a stairway of riddles. And neither the captive mind can activate the lattice in time, nor can the minds of the captors destroy the Way of the Keys without time, yet no one is denied access at any time. Many teachings, beliefs, cultures and rituals surround the stairway of riddles all hoping to unlock a Kingdom…


A Kingdom that is just not easy to explain.

For the ‘Holiest of Secrets’ were never written down…

Authors Preface:

Choice Of Desire


The path you create comes from the seeds of thought you continually pay attention too. And your desires bring you the choices to make that will forge that path… so how to choose wisely seems like a valid concern! Wisdom is not aging and getting older, wisdom is gaining Truth of Knowledge, and then learning discernment to use in making choices. ‘Creation’ manifests itself through mutation and transmutation, implosion and explosion, duplication and multiplication. And Freedom is won by quest and conquest where-by an in-fusion of Divine Intelligence; the innate Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence in its desire for expanse of itself emanates through infinite potential manifestations over time; Animations of Divinity.


Each of us is a wellspring of energy that lights up our circle of influence, an atomic reactor that self perpetuates, with or without a direction, either to create evil or create good. We all create our own circumstance, believe that or not, and thusly contribute to the masses harmonic- karmic circumstances according to our understanding; intentions, beliefs, rituals, and habits of thought. And giving away our power to something outside of ourselves only weakens the fabric of the ‘Spirit’ that we are made of; yet, if we are going to give away our power we may want to at least understand who were giving our authority over too and what will the results be because of that. It has been anyone’s business to bestow upon humanity an understanding (or derailment) of the full potential of what humans are capable of becoming, but no one on this planet can speak in steed on your behalf of the full capabilities of Divine Intelligence manifesting through and within one’s own life. There is no scientist, priest, government, secret society, educator, media personality, doctor, guru, master, prophet, shaman, wizard, saint, angel, devil, or alien that has a say over your life (though both good and bad intentions are interjected). There are seemingly endless resources that tell it like it is, but in the end, it has only been what you have believed in what someone else told you is the way it is. And what do they really know anyway that you couldn’t have looked into yourself if you actually took the time to do so?  

Before one activates their ‘gifts’ one must know whom one is!



 ‘Black Pearl is neither a traditional self help book nor even a spiritual pathway manual. Instead a ‘sequence of creation’ is imagined and outlined in a framework of puzzle pieces, or simple ‘snippets’ for the reader to ponder, contemplate and assimilate to use as tools for their own journey in becoming a Creator being. For there really is a conscious effort in using your Freewill to activate a ‘process of manifestation’ as each of us wholly participates in the unfoldment of all of creation whether consciously aware of that or not!


Simpleness can be as complex as you want it, read and reread to grasp nuances of subject matter hidden in plain sight- a fast read this is not. Your own research will find you in the midst of a world of confusion until you discover breakthroughs (the dirt one digs to uncover the treasures) from all the various teachings, facts, scientific methods, religious doctrines, educational paths, medical practices, governmental systems and media entrainment that have been lambasted upon you like scenes in a movie. And as you delve into these puzzle pieces along with a sense of adventure enlightening results may just transpire in your own life. You also may discover your own self-empowerment; an empowerment indeed to create your life within and activate the ‘Atomic’ reactor dormant within you that pulses with creational radiance in which to manifest your reality out of.


For a moment take yourself off the en-train-ment grid that we as a society have cascaded into and dive into Truth of Knowledge wherever that may be found; look within every age, every culture, every belief, every myth, even your own words to find the threads of Truth woven, hidden, and masked as you speak… even find the Truth buried within your own Soul! But most importantly it is to realize how powerful your own influence is that you project into humanity’s overall understanding of who we all are, what are we doing here, and where are we going next? The shear weight of humanity’s understanding (or lack of) guides the path we are currently unfolding reality upon. We collectively guide that path! And unbeknownst to most, leaving the reins of the future in the hands of leaders is the very ‘act of ignorance’ that imprisons our freedoms so prominently assumed to have been protected. “Trust Me” is the lyrical melody of a pied-piper, the wily lampoon of a ‘Jester,’ whom requires the vote of an audience to remain on stage.

Become vibrant in the spectrum of life!

When you learn how to apply these 4 Laws, complete with step-by-step instructions as never before explained, you can then observe the puzzle pieces of synchronicities that produce results and grow your Empowerment back. Gaining traction happens when you become aligned or in rhythm with your understanding and your circumstances. The cause and effect of your life is ‘In-tune’ with the field of your self-aware purposeful thoughts. Your progress is identifiable and measurable; it is inside of you not outside of you.

"Black Pearl" kingdom's compass

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"Black Pearl" kingdom's compass
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Imagine the effect of many who are in agreement of a 'thing,' the drumbeat of agreement upon a 'thing' must eventually manifest the 'thing.'
What about changing the entire circumstance of life for the better for all humanity to experience?

There's only one way to find out...
...passive permission or active participation.
Care to join in?

As often as you can think of this along with visualizing the image a subtle resonation will begin to permeate your life and those around you and so on.

"I am a citizen of planet Earth, I invoke a new dimension of freedom for all life on earth to experience. This or something better now manifests for the highest and best good of all concerned."
Fifth Dimension

What are some guidelines this brand new dimension of freedom would entail?
Email some ideas to:

  1. All debts of every kind are forgiven, time for a fresh start, a new reality for all.
  2. Natural resources cannot be removed, destroyed or hoarded by any one group and are openly accounted for.
  3. Earth is declared a Universal free zone, all citizens rule earth equally there are no leaders in power over others, only leaders who create more leaders.
  4. Communities are self governing, are diversified within unity of humanity, and each is individual to reflect ethnicity, culture, true historical cosmology, and truthful knowledge to further discover creation. All are free to come and go within a community as they please.
  5. Exchange is through trade, barter, and volunteerism and/or localized currencies.
  6. Energy and technology are in sync with Earth's frequencies and all inhabitants have equal access to such.
  7. All utilities are free of charge as each individual homestead is off grid, independent within itself, and is regulated by each homesteads own usage.
  8. All health care is free and each is free to choose what type of healthcare they prefer and all types of healthcare are equally available for all citizens.  
  9. What else?????????

I already had everything but did not realize that I did.
And then as I had what I had I wanted to get more so I worked harder for it but the harder
I worked the farther away what I wanted more of went.

Then I began to lose what I had that I didn't realize I had before and I had to work harder just to keep what I originally had while becoming more frustrated at not being able to get more of what I wanted on top of what I already had that was starting to unravel.

I finally realized that all I had was what I thought about, and that as I thought about what I didn't have was why what I had began to lose its support mechanism as the thinking about what I didn't have loosed what I had from its attraction state of being. Thus my worry replaced the attraction mechanism to the other side of lack and therefore I did get what I wanted but not realizing what I had done to myself until what I had and what I wanted had gone the other way and I was left with nothing but my thoughts of what I didn't have anymore.

Now that I have nothing I can rethink what it is I really want and can re-electrify my magnet to attract what I really do want by making sure that I don't think about what I don't have and to continue thinking about what I do want by realizing what I don't have just hasn't shown up yet but at some point it will. And that the stronger I present my thoughts to myself about what I do want the stronger the magnet becomes to attract what I do want and it will be so. I just have to remember that just because I don't see it right away doesn't mean that its not on its way.

Thoughts become things is always true... I just have to fix how I think about it.

The less distracted I am the more powerful I become.

Now I know I already had everything but I did not realize that I did.

And what I think now is what I will have more or less.

The 4 laws always work... it has been our thinking that was broken!


"...freewill is a gift you'll never know how to use until you fight for it..."
Adjustment Bureau- The Chairman

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