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Can you really fix your body and re energize your youthfulness? 

-Heal your body and regenerate-

Research MMS and learn how to make the best use of this protocol (Miracle Mineral Solution- Jim humble) to eradicate virus' and many other diseases from your body permanently. Vaccinations have never been needed and any vaccinations already in your body can be neutralized. The toxic soup of ingredients in vaccinations lays dormant in your body for decades and as your immune system becomes compromised (long term use of GMO food supply, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs- any kind) as you get older the ingredients from the vaccinations will start to grow and manifest in nonstop infections, 'breakouts',  ailments, etc., that become long term conditions you have to pay for to receive treatment for. Long Term Healthcare is for treating the toxic soup in vaccinations that manifest into 'conditions' later on in life, and they do show up. And will eventually shorten your lifespan from overwhelming diseases caused by to many pathogens overtaxing your immune system.
No one has to live this way as it was never supposed to be this way.
Eradicate permanently all the toxic pathogens, diseases, infections in your body now and extend your lifespan perhaps an additional 25 years or more.
Stop your suffering, and heal yourself completely. Actually, it isn't that difficult to do, the hardest part is to undo the brainwashing of your belief system that the physical body develops into a natural state of disease and decay... that is not true at all. You can reverse the slow decay of your lifespan relatively easily.

There are many natural remedies out there so try as many as you like after you educate yourself on there effectiveness. If what you are currently using isn't working then try something else. 

Ask your doctor what it is you can do to heal your body or rid yourself of ailments permanently and listen to what they say. 

Ask your doctor how to kill parasites, kill viruses, kill bacteria, remove toxins, and basically clear up what doesn't belong in your body, it isn't that difficult to do.

Ask your doctor how to heal your body the natural way, healthy way, and get back to health, natural health.

Ask your doctor to help you get your vitality back, your youthfulness back.

Ask your doctor to heal your body!!!   

If your doctor can't heal you then heal yourself!!!!!!

Ask yourself how to find the Truth and in time the Truth will reveal itself because you finally asked!

Self healing




Put your cells through a powerwash and they will perform like they're supposed too!

Just like a clean Diamond that refracts brilliantly!

Watch how a precisely cut and polished Diamond refracts.

We are all Diamonds sending and receiving Divine Intelligence in the form of Light!

Clean up your act whenever you want too!!!!!

 It's all inside!

Step into the shoes of being Master & Commander of reality 


Then it's outside!
  Thoughts become reality over time- Space/Time

Now its everywhere!

One of the de-coding ingredients of the hidden history is sulfur in the body... part of the ingredients for spark and fire which also corresponds internally inside the body for enlightenment (the body has to have all the right elements in close enough proportion in order to ignite/transfiguration- is why the illuminati is poisoning everyone).

One such ingredient is portrayed through the personification of St. Peter who holds the Golden Key given to him by Christ.

'Basilica' - BA = spirit, & Silica is crystal, spiritual knowledge is housed within many rooms/experiences over eons/ages and is contained in the house of the holographic spiral- holy spirit- which will guide you. Rocks-crystals-gems-DNA the least likely to be realized and is where data is stored of the ages and can be retrieved, hence holographic, one fragment of the Whole will reflect/possess the entire Whole. Stairway to Heaven, Jacobs Ladder, etc.,

Salt Peter is part of what makes gunpowder but can also sterilize or make one impotent unless the other ingredients are right within the body crock-pot.

And the trick on society is that we all use Salt and Pepper (pepper was switched from peter) for seasoning so food tastes good, but flip the coin and food is for gathering up all the ingredients in order to ignite the light body for "a time when you know not" (the return of Christ). "As no one gets to the Father except through me"; which adds the geometry aspect of dimension- 12 around 1 or Jesus the 13th- the center, had twelve disciples each with a different personality or energy or vibration or frequency- "Cause" which synchronizes as music, a rhythm or symphony and that vibrates matter into form 'effect'... CREATION of matter into 3rd dimension from out of this world (other dimensions). Hence, become tuned into, synchronize, the 'atonement', to the correct (the straight and narrow) frequency and then you are one with creation; no longer separated from the Father, but have come home and are then a physically transfigured creator being, I and the Father are ONE- caught up in a whirlwind like Elijah.

Elijah calls down fire... that is a mistranslation/misunderstanding.

Elijah becomes fire... 'enlightened' is the correct interpretation. The irony is all throughout the Bible there are descriptions of those who transfigured all the time like firefly's... but you rarely hear of anyone making the connection- the Truth hidden in plain sight because the attention/distraction is always being placed on suffering which dampens the music and keeps the fires of hell burning forever; living in 3rd dimension in a body- our present life.

Ever wonder what the chemtrails and deteriorating quality of the store bought food supply is really up to?
Read the following link for the current unfolding path of humanity's future.

You can prevent this form of synthetic manipulation from occurring in your body and mind.

So... either continue being programmed by the system and watch your life deteriorate as your free will is subliminally taken over and you do things you can't explain or take control of your thoughts, your body, your soul, and become impervious to the synthetic manipulation takeover of the human archetype.

There is a WAY to take yourself out of the synthetic manipulation equation currently underway at light speed.
You can stop the programming from the synthetic eie nectar of the tele-comms
and prevent your hormones from going out of wack from the binary transmissions. And there's much more to do after that-

Left Behind...
The apocalypse is preventable as it is merely a description of what could happen to our current advancing paradigm that is pushing technology on us that operates with a limited 'view' of the real energy field of Earth and our solar system, and a very limited understanding of our true cosmology. The belief systems today are now so skewed that finding true peace, real love, and harmony and balance in ones life are basically unavailable within that belief, and long term psychological damage is ever increasing. If one takes the time to look up the original language of Hebrew and Greek even Aramaic of the bible you will discover that what is being taught now is no where near the Truth. In fact, you will see instead the desperation of what's being taught in order to grow a congregation that is supported by money and a 'flock' grown out of fear. Quilt, shame, misery, punishment, suffering, pride, stubbornness, victomhood, etc., are just some of the real enemies that are robbing an individual from re-generating their miraculous being from becoming enlightened, or caught up- 'raptured' into the higher vibrations of the way we are supposed to live innately (the rapture, as taught by religion, is a false concept made up by one man in the 1800's and it caught on like wildfire still taught today).

There is no need to punish ourselves and live in a miserable life of just getting by waiting to die so we can go to heaven, which does not exist. heaven is a state of vibration you reach when understanding of Truth becomes known and an 'atonement' happens or you become in tune with the innateness of all there is... feels like being born again again!
Snap out of it!!!  Wake Up!!! Rise from the dead!!!
Ask for the Truth and God will happily show it to you!!!

Christopher B. Thomas

To be "Born Again"  means "to give to the light" (to 'Surrender' - there's a higher plan or grand scheme in place that operates in the subtle realms and when the resistance or battle of the will is recognized as such; stopping trying to control everything and everyone, then the Soul can finally germinate and begin to grow to its full potential. Hence, becoming one with the ALL or the I AM- and then "all these things shall be added unto you" ) Now that's cool! Surrender definition added 3-24-2015

God became mankind, and split himself into both masculine and feminine energy's, so he could experience creation from as many perspectives as available. We all have many soulmates that are here to challenge us along the way and one day when we're ready we may even reconnect with our twinflame- a love like no other; the other half of our soul (though we're all whole 1+1=1, like two sides of a coin. Each side is a whole side but both sides together also equals one coin- completeness). 
He also wanted to experience the full spectrum of emotions from hate to love, and insecurity to confidence. To do this he needed a theatre to act this out upon and Earth was brought to life.
To keep himself company while he was here he added plants, animals, birds, fish and insects, and a vast array of terrain for adventure with lots of theatrics for added excitement.
To make it fair God knew he had to erase his memory of who he is otherwise, how could he experience all there is if he knew he was the creator while he is here.
So here we are… billions of us as God all separate yet one all experiencing this planet through contrast of every aspect under the love and warmth of a one-of-a-kind Sun.
And one by one each of us wakes up; reborn to remember who we are and joins the collective God mind that never left.
So that one day the world shall become one again… heaven on Earth, a paradise in view on the horizon.

Christopher B. Thomas3-1-2014

 More health repair discussions coming soon!

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